Yoga With Friends!

Yoga With Friends offers individual private yoga, yoga parties, corporate and community wellness.  Custom class designed for you and your friends.  We grow together!

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Yoga With Friends


  • Mindfulness for community organizations and schools
  • Corporate mindfulness training
  • Couples & families- wonderful way to connect with those we love
  • “Girl’s Night In”
  • Holiday or Birthday Bliss- Host your friend’s and loved ones for a birthday or holiday restorative class in your home, makes a unique and memorable gift
  • Pop-Up-Yoga Party- Host a yoga class or class series at your home and invite friends and loved ones
  • Children’s Yoga- Healthy fun for your kids right in your home
  • Yoga-fy your regular book club or runner’s club or softball team or any group with meditation and/or stretching
  • Meditation Circle with friends and/or family
  • Individual astrology readings & get together
Custom Class Ideas include:
  • Chakra Slow Flow- Slow flow class working systematically through each Chakra
  • Yoga 101- basics & alignment
  • Home practice 101
  • Meditation & breathing
  • Partner Yoga
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Yoga Nidra

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  Minimize tension, counteract stress, train & relax the mind, clear up the unconscious, awaken creativity, enhance memory & learning capacity and so much more…  Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice that focuses on relaxation and guided imagery to create a sense of deep rest and peace.  The term “yoga nidra” translates as “yogic sleep”, and is truly the art of conscious relaxation, also known as psychic sleeping.  No physical movement involved. Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique of inducing complete and...

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Restorative Yoga

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Restorative yoga is a practice that has been profoundly transformational in my life.  I am grateful to my teachers, especially Mary Aranas, and am grateful for the opportunity to share the amazing benefits of Restorative yoga with students! Restorative yoga poses are passive stretches taking you into a deep state of balanced relaxation while stimulating and soothing organs, repairing muscle tissue, supporting weight loss and improving concentration. Deep restorative poses activate the relaxation response, the place where our body’s own...

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