Yoga Nidra


Sleeping Shiva

Minimize tension, counteract stress, train & relax the mind, clear up the unconscious, awaken creativity, enhance memory & learning capacity and so much more…  Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice that focuses on relaxation and guided imagery to create a sense of deep rest and peace.  The term “yoga nidra” translates as “yogic sleep”, and is truly the art of conscious relaxation, also known as psychic sleeping.  No physical movement involved.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique of inducing complete and systematic relaxation on the physical, emotional and mental levels of our being and allows for detoxification, healing and growth on all levels and uniquely unwinds the nervous system, which is the foundation of the body’s well-being.  One can rejuvenate in a short period of time – 30 minutes of yoga nidra is as restful as two hours of conventional sleep!

Yoga Nidra helps us to realize potential of our lives by planting seeds of intention and removing obstructions that limit growth.

Practised lying down, it does not involve movement – just listening and relaxing, therefore perfect for any physical condition and beginner meditators.

Check out events page for upcoming Yoga Nidra.  Also available for private individual or group instruction.

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